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Prominent Breast Cancer Surgeon Goes Holistic, Opens New Clinic!

Dr Robinson-Asiso doesn’t treat diabetes, thyroid issues, high blood pressure or cardiac issues, instead, she focuses on breast cancer patients- the whole patient. Using nutrition programs, ultrasounds, MRIs, thermograms, and genetic screening (and prescription meds, when needed) this Dr is also working on her PhD in Natural Health and Holistic Nutrition. Her...

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Doctors Say Thermography Detects Breast Cancer Sooner

New technology is making it possible to detect breast cancer earlier than before. On average, by the time doctors can detect a breast tumor, it’s been growing for at least eight years. Some doctors are now using an alternative to mammography. Clinician Marilyn MacClellan, a certified clinical thermographer with Image of Health Breast Thermography says thermography can detect...

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