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Why Mammograms Are Vastly Oversold & Mammography Risks

Early detection through mammography is the annual clarion call of pink-ribboned Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns. October 21 is National Mammography Day — a day during which women are barraged with reminders that getting a mammogram could save their life. However, little effort has been made to educate women about...

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Largest, Longest Study on Mammography Again Finds No Benefit

An annual mammogram is the conventional go-to “prevention” strategy for breast cancer. But researchers increasingly agree that mammography is ineffective at best and harmful at worst. Unfortunately, breast cancer is big business, and mammography is one of its primary profit centers. This is why the industry is fighting tooth...

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The Secret Ingredient for Health is Happiness

A happy childhood leads to a healthy adult life. This is what scientists found when they examined the effects of childhood adversities to DNA. They found that the tiny protective caps of our chromosomes, which are called telomeres, shorten prematurely when kids consistently experience traumatic events. Scientists have found...

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