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Breast Cancer Risk Prevention: Discovery of Inflammation Protein

Previous studies have linked drugs such as aspirin to reduced breast cancer risk, however long-term use can bring about side effects in the general population. Adelaide researchers may have found a better way to use anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent breast cancer. The Hospital Research Foundation has identified a protein...

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4 Lifestyle Factors That Decrease Breast Cancer Risk

There are certain lifestyle factors that could decrease your risk for developing the disease. There are a number of uncontrollable factors that can cause breast cancer, according to the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Those include age, gender, genes and family history. There are, however, certain lifestyle choices that could decrease...

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Does Coffee Play A Role In Reducing Breast Cancer Risk? Studies Suggest Yes

Coffee is making a serious comeback in the health world, as science uncovers all sorts of little-known health benefits associated with this popular morning ritual. And a fascinating research paper published in the British Journal of Cancer provides even more evidence that appears to support the cause, suggesting that...

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