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Breast Cancer Screening for Women at Average Risk

Abstract Importance  Breast cancer is a leading cause of premature mortality among US women. Early detection has been shown to be associated with reduced breast cancer morbidity and mortality. Objective  To update the American Cancer Society (ACS) 2003 breast cancer screening guideline for women at average risk for breast...

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Topol: Time to End Routine Mammography

The medical community prides itself on evidence to drive important decision-making. But when the evidence is contrary to entrenched medical practice, it has a hard time coming to terms. Such is the case for mammography recommendations. All of the data now available point to significant net harm—far more risk...

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Screening over 70 ‘is a waste of time’

Screening over-70s for breast cancer ‘is a waste of time’… and could do more harm than good, say researchers Researchers said regular testing of those aged 69 to 74 did not reduce the numbers getting cancer in the life-threatening advanced stages It instead leads to many being diagnosed with...

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