I had a great experience at the Thermography Center of Fairfax. I fully believe in thermography as an early detection and preventative measure for any inflammation and cancer.”  

Fairfax, Virginia

My experience at the Thermography Center of Fairfax was great. The procedure was simple, non-invasive, and quick.”  

Oakton, Virginia

The Thermography Center of Fairfax and their staff are knowledgeable and professional. A thermographic scan only takes a few minutes, but provides you with a wealth of information in a comprehensive report.”  

McLean, Virginia

A painless procedure. Much better alternative to mammography, and, no radiation to the breast tissue.”

Burke, Virginia

I have had two scans to set the baseline. I was thrilled that it was so painless. It’s just like having your picture taken and you can see the results immediately on the screen. Simple, affordable, and effortless. I will definitely do this again.

Falls Church, Virginia