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Breast Cancer Cells Gorge On Sugar

Breast Cancer Campaign Scientists at the University of Southampton have found that breast cancer cells leach sugar from the blood stream and have found a new way to target cells providing an alternative treatment for chemotherapy resistant breast cancer. The treatment exploits a novel link, identified by the scientists,...

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Watchful Waiting Best for Low-Risk Breast Lesions

A new study shows that slow-growing breast lesions classified as “probably benign” commonly found with ultrasound screenings can be safely re-evaluated in 12 months instead of being immediately followed up with unnecessary biopsies and exams. Current guidelines suggest that such lesions should be followed up either with a biopsy...

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New Non-Invasive Test May Prevent Death in Premature Babies

An affordable imaging test can identify premature infants susceptible to necrotizing enterocolitis and alert physicians to begin treatment before infection leads to severe illness and emergency surgery. Researchers from Duke University have identified a non-invasive test that may prevent death in premature babies. Premature birth occurs in up to...

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